One step at a time

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Treading on your pain,

Ignoring your situation,

Fighting your demons,

Showing up and standing up,

Smiling when you want to cry,

Being calm when you want to scream,

Trying again and again,

Believing even when it is dark,

Gathering your broken dreams,

Looking forward when all the odds are against you,

If that's not a success, then what is?



This wanderer is staring at me…

Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

Who is this lost soul staring at me?

Walking around me like a shadow,

She has lost her purpose,

She walks with me searching,

For her old self in the trees,

She looks to the sky and to the sea,

Where did she get lost?

Who took her away from me?

Why is she not calling for me?

Isn’t she scared of being lost?

I am scared of losing her,

I don't know this person staring at me,

Watching me in the mirror,

With her lost eyes.



As a Human...

I am not perfect,

I am flawed as a human,

But beyond that, am I an ignorant human?

Ignorance has nothing to do with education my education,

When I don’t show compassion,

When I am unkind,

When I don’t show empathy,

When I judge people,

When I live in my own bubble…

When I don’t listen.

Then I am truly an ignorant human.



She sits alone…

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

She sits in the darkness,

With tears in her eyes,

With yearnings in her heart,

She yearns for a good word,

Not from others,

But from her own heart,

Sitting for hours in silence,

Not a word she could conjure,

It was darkness,

Even in her heart.